My normal: Ants

Three years ago, when I was attending my first Bible study in Musoma, someone brought out cookies to share. What a wonderful treat! We opened the container to find the cookies covered in ants. One would think that this would dissuade consumption, but it didn't. We blew ants off the cookies and just thanked God for the additional protein we were ingesting.

It is not all of my food that gets overrun by the cohabiting ants (currently it is just the Blue Band and peanut butter).

Some ants want water, some want food, some want the cement that makes up my walls, others simply like to exist in my house. Sometimes they just walk along the wall or across the hallway and I look at them thinking "I wish you weren't here, but I'm also used to you and haven't figured out how to be rid of you...hm."

I want to add here that having ants in the house is not necessarily a sign if uncleanliness...it just happens sometimes. Trust me, I keep on top of my kitchen in particular.

Anyway, I've come to be used to them. I make sure to use the peanut butter that has the most ants in it for my smoothies (that way they get blended well and I don't have to think about it). This leaves the cleaner peanut butter for other uses.

If I see a particularly indicative trail of ants, I attack with vehemence and ruin their nest.

This mass of ants lead me to a nest in the cement.

A small pile of defeated ants.

Other times I just look at them and think, "I'm tired, I don't want to go hunting today."

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