My View

For the last 5 months this has been the view from the house I live in:

It's a beautiful and thought provoking view, for me, especially considering that I will be studying conflict resolution and mediation at Tel Aviv University.

The village on the left is Abu Ghosh, a primarily muslim neighborhood. The village towards the right is Kiriath Jearim, a religious Jewish neighborhood. If you continue along the road that goes from Abu Ghosh to Kiriath Jearim you will come to Yad Hashmona, a neighborhood of Messianic believers (those who believe that Jesus is the promised messiah).

Here, just opposite my porch I can see an example of oft-pitted-against-each-other enemies living in peace.

I've witnessed a lot of interpersonal conflicts in my life. I've seen what happens when many people from different cultures, languages, and beliefs come together (some of it good and some of it bad). I've also lived in a relatively peaceful African country despite its being neighbors with infamously un-peaceful countries.

All of these experiences have made me very interested in what makes for peace and productivity where conflicts are frequent.

Will I bring about world peace? Probably. Having had this view for the past 5 months definitely gives me a leg up.

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